Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheap Wooden Shoe Bench

Not willing to spend a lot of money on a shoe bench? That's understandable because such a bench is usually put in the entryway and it is only there to make it easier for you to put on your shoes. If you are not going to be sitting there for long, you might not see the need for a top grade bench that costs a lot. A cheap wooden shoe bench would do.

So, what are your options? For less than $50, you can get this bench below. Simple, with 2 racks for you to put your shoes. If you have a small space, this might be ideal both in terms of size and price.

If you are willing to spend more, then you can get a bigger bench with a shoe storage cubby. More space for your shoes with this one and it will make your entryway look much neater and organized too. If you have a lot of shoes lying around your entrance, then this bench is a wonderful solution. 18 cubby holes in all to store shoes for the whole family. This is also available in white. You can check out white benches with storage options if you prefer a lighter shade to match your home decor.

For a bench with shoe rack and a cushion top, check this out. It is a small bench but it is cheap and yet, looks good with its vinyl top.

You can get a beautiful new wooden shoe bench that is also cheap if you know where to shop. For a small sum, you can make your entryway tidier with all the shoes neatly tucked away and you get the convenience of a seat while putting on your shoes. No more standing and struggling to maintain your balance whenever you take off and put on your shoes, that's for sure!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench With Storage Review

The Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench would appeal to those who prefer a bench that requires no maintenance. Made of durable resin, it means you do not have to oil it like you need to do for a wooden bench. It also means no worry about it rusting over time. This is why plastic benches are ideal as an outdoor seat.

Out of the box, this bench comes in a few pieces which you need to snap in place. Unlike other type of benches which might require the use of a power drill, this one is designed to be put together in minutes with its snap-on pieces. Once that is completed, you will have space for 2 people to sit on plus a 50 gallon storage capacity at the bottom of the seat.


  1. Plenty of storage space. If you are in need of storage space, this bench can fit your kids' toys, pool supplies, gardening tools or cushions with ease. Basically, it helps to keep your yard tidy with all your stuff remain hidden under the seat.
  2. Sturdy. Many wooden benches of comparable prices wouldn't have the same sturdiness as this resin bench. If you weigh over 200 lbs, those cheap wooden benches like the DC America Resin Back Park Bench, won't do in a lot of cases. But with a resin bench, it will be much sturdier and solid compared to wooden benches of the same price range.
  3. Maintenance free. Plastic benches require no maintenance work. You just need to assemble the bench after purchase and your work is basically done for the life of the bench. No water-proofing, oiling or repainting work necessary to make it durable.


  1. Hit or miss. Some buyers are happy that this bench is easy to assemble while others complained that the pieces are difficult to snap on. At the same time, some are unhappy that the storage area leaks while others commented that their things stay dry even after heavy rain. In other words, buying this bench could be a hit or miss kind of purchase. So, if you are thinking of buying it to store cushions that need to stay dry, then you might want to look for something else.
  2. Not a comfortable seat. Being a plastic seat, it is not the most comfortable of benches. It also does not look as pretty as a wooden bench. This is where a cushion may come in handy - both for providing comfort as well as making the bench more attractive.


Because of the risk you will be taking, perhaps you should only buy the Suncast Patio Storage Bench if you are going to put in a covered area or if you don't mind getting your items wet when it rains. Depending on what you are going to store under the seat, this bench may work for some but not for others due to the possibility of leaks.

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However, if you have a place under an awning, arbor or any other covered area for this bench, then it works wonderfully for storing your stuff while providing a place to sit, especially for those looking for maintenance free furniture.